A Golden Weekend at Barn Anew

When we received a phone call last month from Wyoming, Karyn told us that she was calling to make a reservation for a reunion with an old college friend.  They had found Barn Anew on line, and since it was just about at the mid point for both of them to drive, they thought that it would be the perfect place.  Karyn would have a six hour drive and Karen, who was driving from Iowa, would have a nine hour drive.  Just plenty of time for each one to ponder what changes time had created for the other.  After all it had been 41 years since they had last seen each other!  Life had taken them down different roads, with families and careers they had completely lost contact with each other.  Recently through Facebook, they had the chance to become re-acquainted and had a chance to “catch up”.  So the reunion was planned.

Well, it is said that true friendship never dies, and that with a true friend you can start up a conversation as if it had just been yesterday that you had seen each other.  That was proven here.  The minute the 2 blonde sorority sisters saw each other, took a minute to secretly  size each other up after so many years, and shared hugs the stories, the laughter, tears and glasses of wine never ceased.  The weekend flew by, and after three days plans were being made for the next reunion, so that good byes wouldn’t be so hard.

Even after 41 years of being apart, the two friends still found in each other the qualities that had created a strong bond of friendship in the first place.  Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold.  These two friends had a golden week end at Barn Anew Bed and Breakfast!