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Bed & Breakfast and Country Retreat


Yes! It is what it is. This old fashioned outhouse is as old as the Barn. But don’t be alarmed, this is not the only restroom on the premises. However, this cute little commode has been upgraded, and our visitors ask specifically to see “it”. It comes complete with carpeting, stained glass window, statues, pictures on the walls, and if that is not enough there a 1943 Farmers Almanac to read. We tell our guest that the out house is “all show and no go”, but the truth is it is quite functional.

A positive solar ventilation system hidden in plain sight, eliminates odors often associated with such facilities. Those sleeping in the sheep wagon are offered a kerosene lantern and a match, so that if nature calls during the night you can head for the outhouse. That’s when the real adventure begins. As you head into the dark night, accompanied by the sound of howling coyotes and those mysterious sounds emanating from the massive and intimidating chokecherry bushes that line the path, your imagination will run wild.