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Landmark Legends Weekend!

  Legends Weekend is a story in the making, energized by the vision of creating a tourist destination in Landmark Country. The third weekend in September  celebrates history, culture, art, agriculture, music.  Warm, golden days of September create a beautiful setting for the special events that have

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Scotts Bluff Valley Fiber Arts Fair

Scotts Bluff Valley Fiber Arts Fair Classe When I sit down to write in the winter months it is enjoyable to look back and reflect  on all of the guests that we have had at the barn.  Now with us still being in the middle of a

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A Well Kept Secret

A Well Kept Secret When James left the Barn after a four day visit to Western Nebraska, our parting words were, “Next time bring the queen.”  His reply was, “I just might do that.”  He was a quiet, soft spoken young man, with sandy blonde hair, and

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Great American Wheat Harvest and Miss America

The Barn was buzzing with excitement last week.  We were honored to be hosts to Conrad Weaver of Conjo Studios, producer of the documentary, “The Great American Wheat Harvest”.  Meeting at the Barn with him from Billings, Montana, were Melody Dobson and Jody Lamp of Baseline Communications. 

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Hunting Prairie Dawgs

One quiet morning, when we had no guests and were enjoying a leisurely cup of coffee on the balcony ourselves,  the phone rang.  A husky voice with a deep southern drawl asked if we had any rooms available for that night.  I told them yes, we did,

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Guests from Germany

We always enjoy sharing our stories and Western and Native American art with our guests, and we usually learn a great deal in return, because many  share our interest. As we have learned, many of our guests, especially from Germany, are very well read and experts in

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Looking forward to new guests….

  Looking forward to a busy summer season and already taking reservations through September from places as far away as Germany and Australia, we reminisce about the friends we met last summer and their individual reasons for coming to Western Nebraska.  Each traveler has their own unique

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Spring Green

Our guests this morning got to enjoy their morning cup of coffee in the warm spring sun on the patio.  Thank goodness they weren’t in a hurry!  The patio was flooded with a warm, lucsious March sun.  Scotts Bluff is even starting to show some hint of

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First Snowman of a Lifetime. . .

Waiting for a beautiful snow this winter has been a lesson in patience.  Nothing can surpass watching white, fluffy snowflakes blanket the hills in a coverlet of white.  With March approaching, the chance of that blessing of snow seemed quite remote, so I had pushed the longing

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Cupola Fever

 When we bought Barn Anew Bed and Breakfast there was one cupola, the original one, on the barn. It is crowned with a weathervane of the angel, Gabriel, blowing his trumpet, which I have always believed is responsible for showering down blessings on the Barn.    

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