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Cold outside; Warm inside

Brrr…17 degrees outside and it is 3 in the afternoon. I guess that is close to the high for the day. Just yesterday it was warm and sunny. That is February weather in Nebraska. Yesterday we had a Barnful of guests, when a local PEO chapter held their monthly meeting and a brunch here. Egg frittata, fruit compote, muffins, country ham, and orange smoothies was the featured menu. Then guests from Virginia drove in. Little did they know when they made their reservations that the weather would take a sudden turn. But that is when being flexible comes into play. Waking up to an ice encrusted world, they rescheduled their plans, made a few phone calls, and relaxed and layed back to savor a wintery day in the country. And a beautiful day it has turned out to be. Intermitent snow flurries, fog banks shadowing the hills, low clouds rolling past. A slow morning, with pots of hot coffee steaming over a slowly read newspaper. No need to hurry, a whole day to do nothing. By 10:30 the aroma of bread pudding filled the house and brought our guests to the dining room. We lingered at the table with more hot coffee, sweet, steaming bread pudding, and stories to share. They told us about their travels to South America and Alaska, which of course, made us ask questions as their stories tickled our sense of adventure. But even with all of their travels, they were still in awe of our valley; the bluffs, the prairies, and the wide open spaces. So as I watched them pull out of the yard, I reassessed our surroundings, and agreed that this is an awesome setting, nestled here in the shadow of the bluffs.

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