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Cupola Fever

 When we bought Barn Anew Bed and Breakfast there was one cupola, the original one, on the barn. It is crowned with a weathervane of the angel, Gabriel, blowing his trumpet, which I have always believed is responsible for showering down blessings on the Barn.







This fall, we completed renovation of the bunk house, and in keeping with the cupola tradition, Allan crowned the new building with a cupola of its own. Topped with a weathervane of a goose in flight, it looks right at home with all of the geese using the fly way above our home.


When unseasonably warm temperatures beckoned us to take on outside projects in the dead of winter, Allan became consumed with “cupola fever“. Spending days in the garage, with the south facing doors wide open and a warm winter sun flooding in, Allan was busy designing and building more cupolas. After not seeing much of Allan for about a week, the only clue that I had that he was home was the buzzing of the saw in the garage, I ventured in to see what he was creating. Cupola #3! It was a beauty, long, rectangular and adorned with a spectacular copper arrow weathervane.

 Now it was becoming routine to see our neighbor, Stu, driving down the road in his 4320 John Deere with the hydraulic bucket. Stu pulls the tractor up to the garage, and between the two men, the cupola gets loaded into the bucket. After chaining the cupola securely in place, it is driven to its destination, lifted up in the bucket, heaved onto the roof, placed in position, and securely attached. With minor adjustments, touch ups, and positioning it is a permanent part of the landscape at Barn Anew.

Today cupola #4 was heralded onto the roof of the wood shop in the same tradition. Allan had again been absent for days, and I had only the sound of the saw for company. Then there was the familiar sound of the John Deere coming down the road. The garage doors opened and there was #4! What a beauty, a 4 gabled cube, adorned with a magnificent copper eagle.


Now, there are a total of 4 new cupolas with 4 new brass and copper weathervanes! One would not suspect that each contains a bit of history. Allan has hidden inside of each one, like a message in a bottle, a handwritten note. Just a touch of history and intrigue to make the cupolas even more interesting. Who knows who might find and read those notes, some time down the road. . .

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