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From sea to source – a journey up the Sacramento River

It was no April Fool’s joke when we were on our jet ski at Lake Minatare.  The air temperature was 53 degrees and the water temperature was 44 degrees, but we didn’t have a choice.  Our mission was to clock 10 hours on the brand new jet ski in order to get its preliminary check up before we leave for our jet ski adventure up the Sacramento River.

     So donning our Arctic Cat snow mobile gear, motorcycle helmets and life jackets, we began notching off the 10 hours one by one, around and around and around and around the lake.  Now when Allan would rev the machine up to 55 mph and take a quick corner, the difficulty of staying on became a challenge when wearing a nylon snow mobile suit.  Add to that the fact that Arctic Cat snow mobile gloves don’t fit under the hand strap.  But I felt safe knowing that if I did fall in the water, I had my life jacket on and hopefully the motorcycle helmet would float too.  Well, we got 8 hours completed , so now we are ready to head to California.

                                       The Adventure

     Allan and his brother, Pat, will launch their jet skis into the Pacific on April 19, to begin the adventure “From the Sea to the Source- A journey on the Sacramento River.  Their voyage will take them under the Golden Gate Bridge.  They will then navigate San Francisco Bay, San Pablo Bay, and Suisun Bay then into the Delta Region. They will follow the entire length of  the river to Lake Shasta and on to the source of the Sacramento River. The entire length of the water voyage will be approximately 400 miles.  All in all it will be an adventurous trip with high water, currents, sharks, storms, and who knows what else.  Laurie, Pat’s wife, and myself will serve as chase crew, and sometimes passengers. We will report on all of the adventure when we return. 

     In the meantime the Barn will be open and hosted by our good friend, Ron.  Ron is a B&B owner himself, as well as a great chef, so the Barn is in good hands while we are gone.

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