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Looking forward to a busy summer season and already taking reservations through September from places as far away as Germany and Australia, we reminisce about the friends we met last summer and their individual reasons for coming to Western Nebraska.  Each traveler has their own unique reason for traveling here.

Last year seemed to be  the year for pursuing the “bucket list”.  I know we will have some visitors who are in Nebraska for one reason, that is to complete their quest to have visited every one of the 50 states.  Some make the challenge more intriguing by adding an additional requirement.  Such as the Adeles, who were searching out and visiting the highest point of elevation in each state.  The Ratliff’s bucket list was to visit every state capital, and they were just returning from Lincoln and on their way to Cheyenne and Denver.  The Johnsons, from Indiana, were visiting the landmark that appears on the back of each state’s quarter, and so they visited Chimney Rock. Every traveler was committed to their own individual quests and had great stories to share about their experiences and what they had learned in their travels, so the conversation around the breakfast table is always animated and energized.

We often have guests from Eastern Nebraska, who have never been to Western Nebraska and are visiting for the first time. We had guests from a farm near Fairbury, who traveled all the way to the panhandle, because they had never been that far west before.  When they arrived at the Barn, they were amazed to see “the mountains”.  We explained that these bluffs were just that, bluffs,  but they insisted that they were mountains and continued to be amazed.  It was this same couple who when we referred them to a restaurant for dinner in Scottsbluff, cut us off in mid sentence and emphatically stated that they had no desire to drive into the “big city”.  They were much happier getting directions to a restaurant in Mitchell, even though it meant driving  further.  So when they pulled out of the driveway the next morning they were very satisfied travelers having just experienced the “mountains” and the “big city”!


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