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Rolling banks of fog…

Shaggy Buffalo hide chaps for the Pony Express Room

Rolling banks of fog fell across the bluffs this morning, but now the sun is shining across a white landscape. Can’t work outside in January and February, so we have been busy inside. For a long time, we have felt that the Pony Express Room was incomplete without a pair of chaps. Well, we now have those chaps. Found them in Colorado. A great pair, too, shaggy bufflao hide chaps dating back to the late 1800’s.

On a trip back to Wyoming, we were lucky to find a red, wool, elk-tooth Arapaho dress. We have added it to our Native American collection in the main hallway. On that trip, we also found an Arapaho jingle dress, embellished with 365 jingles that were made from the tin lids of chewing tobacco cans.

Jingle Dress at its new home in the main hallway

This dress was worn in the jingle dance at pow wows. It now hangs next to a bone chest plate, adorned with a beautifully beaded Shoshoni rose, also a new addition in the Rendezvous room.

While visiting friends at St. Stephens Mission on the Wind River Reservation, we had the opportunity to buy some beautifully hand beaded items that we thought our guests would really appreciate. These items are for sale at the Barn. The proceeds from the beadwork helps support the mission. The authentic beadwork makes them true works of art. There are bracelets, possibles bags, necklaces, mocassins, ear-rings, key chains, and jacket pulls.

Some of our beadwork treasures available for sale

It is hard to find the beadwork anywhere, and it is for sale at the Barn.

This cold winter weather sure makes you want to curl up and stay warm and snug inside. The Barn is the place to do that on a wintery weekend. You can wake up to steaming bread pudding or savory baked French toast. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to stay away. Some of our guest’s favorite time to visit is on a blizzardy winter day. They say they love the warmth of the Barn.

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